Cara Delevigne ‘obsessed with death’ as a child

Cara Delevigne has revealed some dark secrets from her past and said she was “obsessed with blood and death” as a child.

The 23-year-old supermodel and actress recently told W Magazine she was “really dark” as a little girl and once almost cut off her finger trying to mimic her father shaving.

“When I was a child, I was obsessed with blood and death,” she said. “This sounds really dark, but my earliest memory is of cutting myself.”

“I was pretending to shave like my dad.”

“I got his razor and ran it along the bottom of my finger and nearly cut it off,” she continued.

The actress revealed her macabre interests while talking about her latest role in the superhero film Suicide Squad.

Delevigne will star as the supervillain Enchantress in the upcoming David Ayers film – a role she got by getting naked and howling like a wolf.


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