‘Disturbed’ man arrested outside Taylor Swift’s home

A man described as “emotionally disturbed” showed up to Taylor Swift’s New York home with a black duffel bag on Tuesday.

Before the sketchy premise could develop any further, Swift’s security team jumped in to prevent the man from entering the property, Hollywood Life reports.

Police arrived shortly thereafter and examined the man’s bag for any weapons, but it is not known if they found any, TMZ reports.

The scruffy-looking fellow was then loaded into an ambulance and taken to hospital for evaluation as he was described as “emotionally disturbed.”

Swift is, of course, no stranger to strangers showing up on her doorstep and getting all creepy. Earlier this year a guitar-wielding stalker was taken away from her Bel Air estate after spooking her neighbors.

In 2014, another man was ordered to stay away from Tay after he threatened on social media to “kill any man” that comes close to her.


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