Justin Bieber banned from Argentina

Justin Bieber has been banned from performing in Argentina.

The 22-year-old singer recently took to Twitter to tell his South American fans he won’t be able to take his Purpose tour there because authorities have blocked his entrance into the country.

“Argentinian beliebers I would like nothing more than to bring the #purposetour there but the Argentinian government won’t allow it. So sorry,(sic)” he tweeted. “If things were to change I would love to come but at this time I cannot. For everyone else in South America I look forward to seeing you (sic).”

Don’t cry for Justin, though, Argentina. The singer was warned he would be arrested upon arrival over a violent incident that took place during his visit to Buenos Aires in 2013.

Bieber along with his bodyguards Hugo Alcides Hesny and Terrence Reche Smalls are all subject to the same warrant after the singer allegedly ordered an attack on photographer Diego Pensoa in a club in the country’s capital.

Bieber was already skating on thin ice after the government accused him of desecrating the country’s flag by kicking it off stage while performing.

He left the country before answering questions about the attack.


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