Kanye West sued for stealing obscure sample

Kanye West is being sued by a Hungarian musician who claims the rapper sampled his music without his permission.

Gabor Presser has filed a lawsuit in the Manhattan federal court over a sample Kanye used in the song “New Slaves” from his 2013 album Yeezuz, Billboard reports.

Presser wrote the song in question, “Gyongyhaju Lany,” for his band Omega in 1969 and it reportedly remains one of Hungary’s most beloved pop songs.

Kanye’s people reportedly acknowledged the use of his music and sent him a check for $10 000, but Presser never cashed it as he was not happy with the agreement.

He claims the song makes up a third of Kanye’s song and one listen verifies his claim.

Pressor now seeks $2.5 million for the sketchy use of his work.


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