Amber Heard hid from Johnny Depp in bathroom

It has been revealed that Amber Heard once had to hide from Johnny Depp in an aeroplane bathroom for an entire flight to Japan.

The incident allegedly took place in 2013 when the actress joined the 52-year-old Depp on a promotional trip for his film The Lone Ranger.

“During the flight, Johnny was drinking and smoking loads. His behaviour became unpredictable, and Amber didn’t want to be around him,” a source told British newspaper Daily Mirror.

“But there was nowhere to go on the jet except the bathroom, so she hid in there.”

She source claims the actor’s mood had been soured by the film’s poor performance at the box office.

“The film had tanked at the box office, so it was a difficult trip anyway. He had brought his family along for support, but ended up pushing them away.”

Depp’s latest film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, also plummeted at the box office recently after Heard accused him of abusing her throughout their brief marriage.

We reported earlier that Depp has dismissed Heard’s claims as fantasy and his representative called her “an affront to real victims of domestic violence.”

The sadly broken couple met while co-starring in the 2011 film The Rum Diary and married 15 months ago. They have no children together.


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