Beyoncé accused of stealing ‘Lemonade’

An independent filmmaker has filed a lawsuit against Beyoncé over the striking similarities between a film of his and Lemonade.

Matthew Fulks alleges in his lawsuit that his 2014 short film, Palinoia, had been plundered by the producers of Beyoncé’s visual album extravaganza, SPIN reports.

Fulks is seeking monetary damages from Parkwood Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia Recording Corporation for the alleged visual thievery.

He claims the trailer for Lemonade is “substantially similar” in mood, pace and even fonts used when compared to his film.

A quick scan over the Fulks film confirms this to be true, but so far Beyoncé’s people have yet to respond to the allegations.

We recently also reported that Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Kanye West have all recently been accused of musical thievery.

Have a look and tell us below: Was Beyoncé’s Lemonade freshly squeezed or is it a powdery fake?


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