Christina Grimmie shooter was ‘obsessed’

The police report describing Christina Grimmie’s killer paints a chilling picture of an obsessed young man “living like a hermit.”

Shortly after fatally shooting the star of The Voice, police interviewed Kevin Loibl’s father and searched his room, FOX reports.

They found the windows covered with aluminum foil as his father claims he would “live like a hermit” with an “aversion for light”

He also added that his son had never been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Police also interviewed Loibl’s friend and Best Buy colleague Cory Dennington and he said Loibl spent most of his time in his dark room watching Christina Grimmie videos and monitoring her social media accounts.

“He (Loibl) made it clear he watched everything having to do with her,” Dennington said.

He also told police Loibl recently lost weight, got Lasik eye surgery and had hair implants to improve his appearance as he believed Grimmie was his “soulmate.”

Dennington said Loibl got angry when he pointed out how unlikely it is that he would ever date the 22-year-old singing star.


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