Nick Jonas had a big erection problem

Nick Jonas has revealed how he once had to hide a very inappropriate erection after eating a weed lollipop.

“I’ve never told this story, for good reason probably,” he told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Monday night’s broadcast.

The singer said that in the summer of 2014 he accepted a weed lollipop from a friend’s wife, but he thought any effect would wear off by the next night at the latest.

As it were, he was scheduled to present at the Young Hollywood Awards the next night…

“Woke up the next day…everything’s in slow motion,” the 23-year-old star explained.

“Out of nowhere, I get a NARB,” he said after which Fallon chimed in with an explanation: “A NARB is a no apparent reason boner.”

After very awkwardly presenting the award, Jonas left the stage hoping nobody saw his embarrassing malfunction.

“I walked off stage, I looked at my manager, I was like, ‘Do you think anybody knew?’”

You just told the story on TV, Nick. Now we all know!


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