PICS: Justin Bieber floored in fist fight!

Justin Bieber just learned a valuable lesson in reality: Never pick a fight with a guy who is double your size.

The “Sorry” hitmaker might have the fame to hang out with real fighters like Floyd Mayweather, but he should stick to knocking out the teen pop instead, because this is embarrassing.

A video obtained by TMZ shows Bieber in a heated exchange with a big man outside a hotel in Cleveland.

The man, Lamont Richmond, claims he asked Bieber if he would take a photo with the girls he was with, but the singer snapped back saying: “No autographs tonight, motherf*****.”

The two then grappled and Bieber took a swing at Richmond, who then lifted the skinny singer up like a toddler before putting him on his backside.

The video then cuts to where Bieber is back on his feet puffing out his chest at the people protecting him.

Richmond has apparently contacted a lawyer, so this story will likely take the expected route.


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