Taylor Swift snapped kissing Tom Hiddleston!

Taylor Swift might never ever, ever get back together with Calvin Harris, but she has totally been making out with Tom Hiddleston!

The two were caught cuddling and kissing on a beach in Rhode Island recently and British newspaper The Sun put the proof on their front page!

In the pictures the 26-year-old and the English actor looks like they have been together for ages, but Taylor only recently came out of her breakup with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

It has been reported that Taylor met the 35-year-old HIddleston at the Met Gala where they were snapped dancing together in May.

Earlier this month, we reported that Taylor ended her relationship with Calvin Harris because he showed little interest in settling down and having kids in the near future.

He has since deleted all traces of his relationship with the pop sensation from his social media accounts.

Is another infamous Taylor Swift breakup song becoming more and more likely?


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