Amber Rose: Kanye would have called Taylor

Amber Rose has joined Calvin Harris on #TeamKanye in the epic battle with Taylor Swift.

Rose, who is an ex of Kanye West, came out to defend the rapper against the pop sensation who claims that the rapper never asked for her permission to reference her in his song “Famous.”

“So, I’m not the biggest fan of Kanye…but I was next to him at the VMAs that year,” she said referencing the infamous 2009 VMAs incident. “I remember the repercussions after that.”

In the latest sneak peak of the The Amber Rose Show, the blonde beauty says “he really went through a lot of bulls*** and I know that Kanye would never ever go through that again by not calling Taylor.”

Last Monday, we reported that Kim took posted a series of videos exposing Taylor Swift’s lies over the infamous song in which Kanye claims to have made the pop star famous.

After “Famous” was released, Taylor claimed she never approved the use of her name in the song, but the video proves otherwise.

So both Calvin Harris and Amber Rose on are on #TeamKanye, but why is #TeamTaylor so quiet? Will only Selena Gomez try (and fail) to defend her?


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