Beyoncé to cops: Stop killing us!

Beyoncé has released a powerful statement after the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Both men were gunned down by police in separate incidents days apart and it has caused a massive outcry on social media.

The diva has since stood up to take a strong stand against police shootings and to put “an end to this plague of injustice in our communities.”

“We are sick and tired of the killings of young men and women in our communities,” her statement read. “It is up to us to take a stand and demand that they ‘stop killing us.'”

The statement continues: “We don’t need sympathy. We need everyone to respect our lives.”

“These robberies of lives make us feel helpless and hopeless but we have to believe that we are fighting for the rights of the next generation for the next young men and women who believe in good.”

Earlier this year, Beyoncé re-invented herself as an activist artist when she stepped out at the Super Bowl to deliver a defiant performance of her single “Formation.”

Opal Tometi, a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, praised the performance on Twitter, tweeting: “Really appreciative of @Beyonce’s #Formation on #SandraBland #bday.”

The tweet referenced Sandra Bland, an African American woman who was found hanged in a Texas jail after she was pulled over for a traffic violation.

Some were not as appreciative, though.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is known for his tough stance on crime, also told Fox News Beyoncé should have instilled a sense of respect for police among African American communities instead.


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