Dr. Phil: I didn’t abuse Robin!

“Dr. Phil” McGraw is looking to drag The National Enquirer to court after they accused him of being an abusive husband.

The television psychologist of course denied that he ever abused his wife Robin and is seeking a whopping $250 million in damages, USA Today reports.

Dr. Phil filed the lawsuit in Florida and will seek compensation from the Enquirer, its owner American Media Inc. and sister publications Star Magazine and the website Radar Online.

He claims the supermarket tabloid damaged his reputation by claiming he physically and verbally abused his wife and that the couple are divorcing.

American Media will, however, not back down and the company said in a statement that it will defend itself and expose the Dr. Phil show host’s “stale and fraudulent claims for what they really are.”

If the court rules in his favour, Dr. Phil will enjoy another massive, albeit messy payday.

We recently reported that Forbes listed Dr. Phil as the fourth-highest-paid celebrity of 2016 with earnings of $88 million.


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