Kylie Jenner just ate this for the 1st time?

While the rest of us routinely cram junk food down our throats, Kylie Jenner just had her first KFC meal at the ripe old age of 18.

The reality TV star is currently in Europe supporting her rapper boyfriend Tyga and she must have had a craving for something American, because this is not very glamorous!

Kylie and the 26-year-old rapper stopped at the fried chicken joint in Budapest Hungary and she posted her order on Snapchat.

“First time having KFC people,” she captioned the post.

She hasn’t followed it up with a review just yet, but let’s wait and see.

Kylie and Tyga has since moved on to Munich, Germany where the rapper performed at the Theaterfabrik venue on Tuesday evening.

We recently reported that the couple reconciled after breaking up earlier this year.

There are even rumours that they are engaged after Kylie was spotted wearing a massive ring on her left hand!


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