Taylor Swift: Kanye West broke the law!

The war between Taylor Swift and Kanye West is not over yet and the pop star wants to battle on in court.

The 26-year-old pop sensation insists that the rapper broke the law when he put her on speakerphone while making that infamous phone call over the song “Famous.”

We reported earlier that California law states that “confidential communication” does not include conversations that “may be overheard.”

This should make Kanye safe from prosecution, but Taylor says he did not tell her she was on speakerphone, TMZ reports.

The publication reports that the blonde beauty believes he should have asked her permission to record the conversation if she was on speaker.

She is now considering filing a police report over the footage Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian posted to Snapchat on Sunday.

On Monday, we reported that Kim took posted a series of videos exposing Taylor Swift’s lies over the infamous song in which Kanye claims to have made the pop star famous.

After “Famous” was released, Taylor claimed she never approved the use of her name in the song, but the video proves otherwise.

Taylor’s squeaky clean image seems to be shattered, but she will battle on!


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