Tom Hiddleston’s butt wins an award!

The newly-formed Hiddleswift award collection alliance has won big after Tom Hiddleston’s butt was named Rear of the Year.

The website that runs the annual competition named the 35-year-old actor as its winner largely thanks to a raunchy sex scene in the TV series The Night Manager, TIME reports.

The sex scene, in which the star drops his trousers, went viral after airing and the Brit’s bum even trended online along with his very own #Hiddlesbum hashtag.

“The votes flooded in when Tom revealed his well-toned rear on our TV screens,” the website explains.

The light-hearted award has been given out to the Brit with the best “prize-winning rear assets” annually since 1981.

Previous winners include Daniel Radcliffe and singer-songwriter Olly Murrs.

Perhaps his tidy tush was the reason music award vortex Taylor Swift fell for him and ditched Calvin Harris in the process?


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