Justin Bieber cheers up grieving friends

Justin Bieber has scored some more points in his nice guy column after paying a group of grieving friends’ bar tab.

The 22-year-old star visited the Residuals Tavern in Studio City last week when he noticed that several customers were crying.

The observant hitmaker asked the barman why everyone was crying and quite miraculously it wasn’t because Justin Bieber had come to their favourite hangout.

Apparently people were sobbing over another bar regular who had died falling down his fire escape.

Bieber was so moved that he paid the tab for the grieving friends, TMZ reports.

Justin’s warm-hearted move comes shortly after we reported he had been driving around LA smiling after he recently deleted his Instagram account following a nasty feud with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Selena, 24, criticized Justin for how he treated fans after he threatened and then surprisingly followed through with a social media blackout because fans hounded Sofia Richie after she appeared in some of his snaps.

As far as we know Beliebers, Justin’s fans, are distraught over their sudden lack of Bieber pics after he shut down the account which had a staggering 77.8 million followers.


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