Lindsay Lohan’s fiancé physically assaults her!

A shocking video has emerged showing Lindsay Lohan’s fiancé assaulting her on a beach!

The ludicrous incident occurred while the couple were vacationing on the Greek Island of Mykonos for the actress’ 30th birthday.

In the video, we clearly see Egor Tarabasov’s phone flying from their parked vehicle. He then jumps out to retrieve the device, but when Lindsay gets to it first, he violently wrestles it from her!

Lohan can be heard pleading “No, no, no!” while Egor yells: “Give me my phone!”

Last week, we reported that the actress took to social media to accuse the 22-year-old millionaire of spending the night with a “Russian hooker.”

Shortly thereafter, we reported that Lohan was seen at Heathrow airport after an explosive fight at her London apartment.

Perhaps Lindsay will finally rethink her commitment to go through with the marriage?


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