Orlando Bloom penis pics give us a ‘Rise’

If you listen carefully you can hear the internet roar excitedly over Orlando Bloom’s exposed penis.

That is because some pictures of the Pirates of the Caribbean star paddling on a board with Katy Perry has sent the internet into total meltdown.

The 39-year-old actor is pictured in his birthday suit while vacationing with his pop star girlfriend and he appears to have no shame over his manhood.

And why should he? After the New York Daily News first published the pictures online on Wednesday, we can confirm his manhood is no hobbit.

Right before that, the star started trending on Twitter with many fans desperate to catch a glimpse of his dingle when rumours circulated of the pics’ existence.

Also, in completely unrelated but hilarious news, Katy Perry released her latest single yesterday. It is called “Rise” and as far as we know it has nothing to do with Orlando’s bloom.

Because we try to keep our wits about us, we have included an emoji to cover up the actor’s own banana, but you can find the pics for yourself quite easily as of Friday morning.

Do it, it’s the weekend!


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