What is Rob Kardashian’s new neck tattoo?

Rob Kardashian has gotten a neck tattoo and it is as horrific as it sounds. The 29-year-old sock designer has been spotted with some new ink spelling “Anjila” on his neck.

Rob’s fiancé Blac Chyna’s real name is Angela and the neck tattoo is the Arabic spelling thereof, TMZ reports. The new tattoo first appeared in a Snapchat video the pregnant Blac Chyna shared on Thursday.

When asked whether they will honour the Kardashian tradition of giving their baby a name starting with the letter “K,” Rob said they would “probably not.” “Stay tuned. I’m not trying to give no more details on the baby,” Blac Chyna added.

So we guess they’re not breaking up despite the fact that Rob recently removed all traces of his wife-to-be from his social media accounts…


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