Tyga’s birthday present to Kylie Jenner is insane!

Usually a pair of faux diamond earrings would be a great gift idea for your regular girlfriend’s 19th birthday, but Kylie Jenner is not your regular girlfriend.

That must be why rapper Tyga forked out about $200 000 to give the reality TV star a brand new Mercedes-Maybach for her birthday.

On Snapchat, the brunette beauty wrote: “Happy early birthday to me. Yay! I love you, T.”

She captioned another photo of the super luxury vehicle’s interior, “Almost too boss for me.”

The 26-year-old rapper must have cringed when he saw his girlfriend treated herself to a luxury custom-made Land Rover just a few days before he gave her the keys to the German hotel on wheels, but surely this tops it.

The important question is: Which car will she drive to her birthday night out on Wednesday?


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