Blac Chyna will eat her placenta

Blac Chyna has revealed that she will eat her placenta when she gives birth to her and Rob Kardashian’s baby in November.

The reality TV star said she will follow sister-in-law Kim Kardashian’s lead as she feels “more educated” during her second pregnancy.

Chyna is expecting her first child with Rob Kardashian, but she already shares son King Cairo (3) with rapper Tyga…who is Rob’s half-sister Kylie’s boyfriend now.

Along with a better understanding of the health benefits of breastfeeding, Chyna said she understands having the placental sack freeze dried and put into capsules can be good for her.

“Maybe [it’s] my motherly instinct,” she said after admitting she feels “obligated, in a sense” to breastfeed.

“Just recently I found out some new, cool stuff about not cutting the cord and sending your placenta, you can get these pills to take them after to make you and the baby healthy,” she explained.

“If you notice dogs and cats, when they have their babies, they eat the placenta,” she continued. “You’re like, ‘No, don’t do that!’ But they do, it’s a healthy thing.”

“I feel like with my second baby, I’m more educated than the first one.”

The Rob & Chyna star is due to give birth in November.


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