‘Chyna wants rapper, not fat Kardashian’

We can now also add paranoia to the list of problems Rob Kardashian has encountered in his recent meltdown and retreat.

The 29-year-old reality TV star retreated back into his shell for the umpteenth time recently after falling out with his fiancé Blac Chyna, TMZ reports.

The sock designer has reportedly become very paranoid that his eight months pregnant wife-to-be is about to leave him for a rapper!

“You’d rather date a rapper than a fat Armenian,” he reportedly flat out told her.

Chyna has of course in the past dated rappers Future and Tyga and mothered a son, King Cairo, with the latter.

Tyga is now dating Rob’s half-sister Kylie Jenner, but Rob fears that Chyna’s affinity for rappers is not over.

Strangely, Rob also lashed out at Kylie in defence of Chyna earlier this week after Kylie failed to invite her to a baby shower thrown for Rob…but then he himself failed to turn up.

He has also reportedly put the 50 pounds he recently lost back on after falling out with Blac Chyna.

Is this really happening or is this all an elaborate marketing campaign for Rob and Chyna’s new reality show? Because really…


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