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Orlando Bloom has finally caved in to Hollywood conventions by making his Instagram free for all to see!

The Lord of the Rings star signed up to the photo sharing social network a year ago already, but he only relaxed his privacy settings now.

He captioned his first public picture: “I Caved…(sic)”

We guess there was nothing left to hide from the public eye anymore after everyone with an internet connection saw his penis in those infamous leaked pics.

On his Instagram, though, there aren’t even pictures of the 39-year-old without a shirt on.

Maybe he deleted those pre-emptively as his ex-wife Miranda Kerr admitted she was not impressed when she saw the pictures of him paddleboarding naked with Katy Perry.

At the time, she said: “Oh my God, he text me and was like ‘um, I’m really embarrassed, some photos are coming out, just thought I should let you know.’ And I was like, hmmm… right, what were you thinking? Seriously?!”

Katy didn’t have many complaints as she probably knows that it pays to advertise.


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