Breaking Bad star suspected of real murder

Bryan Cranston has revealed that he was a real-life murder suspect in the 1970s.

The actor, who played the murderous Walter White in the wildly popular TV show Breaking Bad, said he was under suspicion for killing a chef at a restaurant he worked at decades ago, Daily Mail reports.

While promoting his new memoir on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 60-year-old said: “The head chef was a guy named Peter Wong. Now Peter was a good chef… and a horrible person.”

“He was the first person I ever met who I just realized, ‘Oh my God, I hate this guy.’ I don’t think I’ve ever hated someone before Peter Wong. He was not a nice guy. He was miserable and mean”

Cranston said police became suspicious when he told them that he had often joked with his co-workers about killing Wong.

”’Did anybody ever talk about hurting or killing Peter Wong?,’” Bryan recounted the officers asking. “And all the waiters are like, ‘Yeah, all of us.’”

It certainly didn’t help that Bryan and his brother quit the job a week before Wong was murdered.

The police then went out looking for Bryan and his brother who went motorcycling up the East Coast…luckily they avoided arrest.

We guess we will have to buy Cranston’s memoir, A Life In Parts, to know who the guilty party was. The book was released on Tuesday.


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