Fingerprints found on Kim Kardashian jewels

French forensic experts have found fingerprints on a pendant the perpetrators dropped after robbing Kim Kardashian at gunpoint.

A passer-by reportedly found the diamond-encrusted cross pendant on the street in front of the luxury hotel in Paris a day after the robbery, British newspaper Telegraph reports.

The incredibly honest Parisian then handed over the $33,000 piece of jewelry over to the cops and they have now reportedly found “several DNA” on the piece.

French police are now looking to ask the FBI to question Kim further on their behalf.

We previously reported that Kim identified her attackers as in their forties or fifties, white and speaking French without an accent.

That description fits about half of Paris, but investigators are now pinning a lot of hope on the recovered pendant.

Meanwhile, Kim has been considering hiring a body double to confuse would-be attackers in the future while also calling in special forces veterans to help tighten up her family’s security.


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