Kim Kardashian: I feared rape!

Kim Kardashian only had a robe on when robbers entered her room in Paris and she has said she feared rape.

Sources close to the reality TV star said she saw two men in police gear through a sliding glass door of her two-storey apartment.

She then rolled off her bed in an attempt to hide while calling her body guard. Before the call would go through, one of the men yanked the phone from her hand.

The men then zip tied her hands and put plastic handcuffs on her before putting duct tape on her to restrict her movement even further. TMZ reports.

Kim said it was when one of the men grabbed her by her ankles that she believed she would be raped.

They then put her in a bathtub and demanded the massive ring Kanye West recently gave her.

Kim told police neither of the men spoke English and only kept repeating “ring, ring!” It was later found that a total of five men were involved.

A friend of Kim’s was downstairs sleeping in another bedroom and texted Kim’s bodyguard Pascal Duvier to return with Kim’s sister Kourtney Kardashian as something was awfully wrong.

Duvier returned two minutes after Kim’s ordeal ended.

We think Kim deserves credit for her bravery, not memes making fun of her!


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