Kim Kardashian robbers are ‘white, middle-aged’

French police say that the five men who tied up Kim Kardashian before ransacking her Paris apartment were white, middle-aged men on bicycles.

The reports both Kim and the building concierge gave police also suggest that the men were all French nationals and likely career criminals.

The description of five white, middle-aged men on bicycles sounds more like a plot of a buddy movie that ends on a golf course, but these guys certainly did some damage.

The reality TV star left Paris shortly after the robbery on Monday morning, but she is said to be in contact with police via phone, Daily Mail reports.

“We have studied huge amounts of CCTV film in the area, and there is a chance that images of the men may have been caught on camera,” a police source told the British newspaper.

“There have been no arrests, but we are slowly piecing together profiles of those involved in this crime,” the source added. “What we have been told so far is that they were in their forties or fifties, and were of European appearance.”

Police previously said they had the licence plate number of a Fiat 500, but if that seemed like an unlikely getaway car, what comes next is even stranger.

“They came went on bicycles,” the police source said. “They only spent a few minutes inside the flat, suggesting they knew exactly what they were doing.”

Police are still baffled by the ease with which the robbers gained entry and then swiped jewels worth around $10 million.

There are said to be all kinds of security protocols preventing forced entry, of which there was no sign!


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