Kim Kardashian robbery video leaked!

A video recorded inside Kim Kardashian’s Paris apartment right after she was robbed at gunpoint has been leaked online!

The video has been doing the rounds online and whoever recorded it will be facing some serious legal consequences if they are found out, TMZ reports.

The video shows the reality TV star under a blanket on a couch making a call to someone on FaceTime while police look around the crime scene gathering evidence.

TMZ reports that it is illegal to film a person in a private setting without their consent in France, so the video is an infringement on the European country’s privacy laws.

In addition to their search for the five armed robbers who swiped $10 million worth of Jewels from Kim, police are now also looking for the sadistic voyeur.

If caught, the culprit could face a year in prison and be fined the equivalent of about $50 000.

Let’s find the guys who pointed the guns first, okay? Then the guy who pointed the camera.


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