Kylie Minogue won’t marry until gay couples can

Kylie Minogue has said that she refuses to get married until it is also legal for same-sex couples to do so in her native Australia.

Kylie Minogue and actor Joshua Sasse got engaged earlier this year after five months of dating, but the couple now says they will not be walking down the aisle just yet.

“There are chances of a Melbourne wedding… (but) we will not get married until this law has passed in Australia,” the 25-year-old actor told Australia’s Network Seven.

Kylie has always had a huge gay fanbase and the couple are vocal supporters of the Say I Do Down Under campaign leading the call to change the conservative marriage laws in the country.

“When I found out that gay marriage was illegal in Australia, I was astounded,” the British actor said.

“I simply can’t fathom on any level, whether it’s moral or religious or anything, that I have the right to get married and to marry the person that I love and that somebody else doesn’t because of their sexual orientation.”

The 48-year-old Kylie has never been married before, but she was previously in long-term relationships with French actor Olivier Martinez and Spanish model Andrés Velencoso.


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