Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna pick baby name?

Some sources close to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are claiming that they have picked a name for the baby…and it’s horrible!

According to Radar, the reality TV couple has decided to name their unborn baby girl after Rob’s sister Kim Kardashian.

But, they plan on spelling the famous name “Kym.”

The publication further reported that Rob and Chyna have broken the news to the baby’s aunt, but that “Kim was completely taken aback.”

“[Kim] didn’t know what to say,” an insider close to the family said…and this was before they told her how they were planning on spelling the name.

“They gave Kim an ever bigger shock when they informed her they’d spell their daughter’s name with a ‘Y,’’” the source continued.

The 35-year-old celebrity, who has been living like a bit of a hermit after her Paris robbery, reportedly wants to convince Chyna that her name is a no-go for the baby.

“She’s recruited their mom,” momager Kris Jenner, “to help, but unfortunately she and the rest of the family think the name is a great idea.”

So there you have it: Kym Kardashian. What kind of life even is this anymore?


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