WATCH: Calvin Harris CRIES over Taylor Swift?

Calvin Harris got a little teary-eyed when a contestant sang “She’s Out of My Life” on X Factor UK. Contestant Matt Terry told Harris and Nicole Scherzinger he picked the emotional Michael Jackson song after his long-term girlfriend broke up with him.

The 32-year-old Scottish DJ appeared to be shuffling uncomfortable in his seat as Matt told his story. He probably knew everyone was watching his reactions very closely!

To try and lighten up the atmosphere a bit, Matt said: “It happens to all of us. It’s life, right?” “Yeah, of course,” Calvin said obviously trying to play of the similarities to his heartbreaking story with Taylor Swift. “She’s sad right now, dude,” he added in reference to the beautiful backdrop.

It seems that the combination of his recent breakup from Taylor Swift, the song and the romantic backdrop at Scherzinger’s house in Nice was too much for Calvin as he appeared to tear up midway through the performance.

At the end Calvin simply said, “You nailed it!” He had his hands on his face the entire time as if he was keeping it ready to wipe away the tears he barely managed to hold back.


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