Bloodied Belieber to press charges against Justin

The fan Justin Bieber punched in the face in Barcelona is considering pressing charges against the singer.

The 22-year-old pop star was caught on camera as he lashed out and threw a punch at the unnamed young male fan as he arrived at the Palau Sant Jordi venue in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday.

We reported earlier that the young man reached his arm into the car to touch his idol when Bieber’s fist came flying out of the open window to meet the young man’s lip.

The young man from the Spanish city of Mataró, whose initials are K.R., told the radio station Los 40 Principales that he was “upset” over the incident and that he had visited the hospital following his nightmare encounter with the star.

He said that local police have advised him to press charges against the singer.

Remember when Justin was acting all high and mighty promising to stop his thuggish behaviour? That seems to be over!

Check out the video below to recap on the incident as it happened on Tuesday.


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