Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had ‘intense affair’

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Disney has announced the release date of Star Wars: Episode VIII has been pushed back. (Photo: Instagram, @starwars)

Carrie Fisher has revealed that Princess Leia’s onscreen affair with Han Solo in Star Wars extended to real life.

“It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend,” the 60-year-old actress admitted toPeople magazine 40 years after the fact!

Harrison Ford was 33 years old and a married father of two at the time while Fisher was only 19 and Fisher admits that the affair lasted for three months while shooting the 1977 blockbuster.

Fisher writes in her new book, titled The Princess Diarist, that the affair ended when shooting on the George Lucas film wrapped up.

Fisher said that she did give Ford, now 73, a heads up before putting that in her book, but she didn’t say much about whether they rekindled their fling on the set of the last Star Wars installment.

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