Leonardo DiCaprio: I’m a douchebag

Leonardo DiCaprio has finally admitted that he is a douchebag…according to comedienne Kathy Griffin.

The red-headed funny girl said that is what the actor referred to himself as after she teased him for snubbing her at a dinner party, Daily Mail reports.

She describes her awkward meeting with the actor at the Directors Guild of America Awards in her new book Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins.

Griffin said she used Lily Tomlin as bait to get the Oscar winner’s attention, saying: “Don’t be a douchebag, Leo. Get off your f***ing phone and say hi to the great Lily Tomlin!”

“I repeated it until he finally turned his head, pulled his precious phone away, and kindly said hello to Lily.”

Griffin said as Leo got up and walked away after the interaction, he smiled and said: “I am a douchebag.”

Case closed: Leo is a self-confessed douchebag.


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