“Bones” Final Season Starts, and Cast Bids Farewell to Loyal Fans



After 11 seasons, the cast of “Bones” has come together for their final season. Airing at 9:00 pm, the first episode of season 12 will be the debut of lead actress Emily Deschanel. As the cast prepares to say their goodbyes, they have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Michaela Conlin tweeted: Series wrap on Angela Montenegro. Thank you @BonesonFOX for this remarkable experience!

Michaela Conlin has been a part of the show since the very beginning, and her character, Angela, has developed from ever-roaming free-spirit artist to technological genius. Conlin’s personal growth in her portrayal of Angela has made her a pleasure to watch.

Tamara Taylor tweeted: Awwww… it’s been a dream making this show for 12 years AND for having fans like you.

Taylor plays Dr. Camille Saroyan, the boss of all the scientists in the show. Introduced in the second season, her wit and personality mixed terrifically with the rest of the cast. It is also noteworthy that Saroyan is a great example to women to show that success is possible.

Fans have gotten so much joy watching these characters develop over the past 11 years. We are greatly looking forward to what the new season will bring us, as we also prepare to say goodbye.


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