Brad Pitt On Rebound From Angelina Divorce, Schmoozes With Rock Stars

Adoring fans feared the worst when Brad Pitt began losing weight following his September split with Angelina Jolie. As it turns out, Pitt was working on a new look – and is ready to socialize again.

The newly upbeat star of Fight Club and Oceans Eleven was spotted at a charity event in Malibu this weekend, where he chatted with old friend Chris Cornell (of Soundgarten and Audioslave fame) and briefly shared the stage with Sting, introducing the reggae-pop icon for an acoustic performance of “Desert Rose.”

However, a few reporters have claimed that Pitt was forcing smiles and concealing emotional tension – and got perhaps just a little too tipsy.

“When I started my career back in, uh,” the 53-year old actor stammered while attempting to segue into welcoming Sting. “When I started making wine back in, uh…(this is) very good wine, by the way.”

But Pitt is in good spirits and recovering from the break-up of his marriage, a source told Us Magazine last week. “He’s exercising,” the source said. “He’s been outdoors a lot, hiking and walking. He’s had a lot of time to focus on himself.”

The optimism comes after a Golden Globes appearance in which the actor appeared thin, lively and buoyant, and received multiple mentions as “best made-over celebrity” of the event in paparazzi magazines.

Saturday’s beach-side charity gala was held by the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, and also featured appearances from host Zach Galifianakis, Kaley Cuoco, Courteney Cox and Heidi Klum.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September, and have hired a private judge to help facilitate an amicable and fair resolution for the sake of their 6 children, according to a separate Us report published earlier in January.


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