Caitlyn Jenner Schmoozes With First Family, Shunned By Kardashians Despite Pleas

This weekend, Washington D.C. is the temporary social and fashion capital of the world. Melania Trump finds herself in the unfamiliar position of First Lady and first-chair trend setter. At many events including Thursday night’s pre-inauguration “Candlelight Dinner,” new styles are strutted proudly while celebrity-politician friendships are revealed.

But for Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashian family, it may have also revealed the end of a friendship.

According to reports from The Inquisitr and Radar Online, Jenner tried desperately to reach out to the Kardashians to sew up their differences during her trip to the east coast. But Kim and others rejected the offer out of hand, leaving the trans-gender reality star in tears.

Jenner is already in hot water with the Kardashians over her new autobiography, which has not yet been published. In the manuscript, Jenner is said to have written a scathing criticism of ex-wife Kris Jenner, formerly known as Kris Kardashian.

A source claims that in the book, “As far as Kris goes, Caitlyn does slam her and she does talk about their marriage and divorce. She basically says that the love between them died long before the marriage ended.” The tome is co-written by noted author Buzz Bissinger.

Jenner is a hero to many trans-youth and activists in the LGBTQ community. But as a Republican, she had no qualms attending the Inaugural Ball and Thursday night dinner at which she was greeted by the new President’s wife Melania and also Ivanka Trump, reports

The Kardashians are supporters of Hillary Clinton, with two of the ex-Jenner step-children having campaigned for the former First Lady and New York senator. Jenner criticized both President Trump and Clinton during the campaign.

“It seems like the Kardashian girls want nothing to do with her anymore,” a source tells The Inquisitor. “She called several of them crying recently and said that she has never felt more alone that she does right now!”

Jenner’s tell-all book The Secrets of My Life is set to hit shelves in April 2017.


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