It’s Finally Happening: Kim Kardashian Fires Shot Across Bow At Donald Trump

Like two prize-fighters biding their time, but ultimately destined to do battle. You just knew that Kim Kardashian would eventually take on Donald Trump, the newly inaugurated U.S. President…it was only a matter of when.

On Saturday, as protests erupted over Trump’s executive order to suspend immigration from 7 countries, Kardashian nailed the Orange One with an incisive tweet titled “statistics.” The embedded screen-shot is a chart of American deaths by Islamic terrorist attack versus other causes of death, including “lightning,” “lawnmowers,” and “hit by a bus,” all of which tally higher in casualties than terrorism.

Kim has been relatively quiet about Trump since his election. The 36 year-old model, TV personality and power-broker campaigned for Hillary Clinton and is pals with leaders in the Democratic Party. But unlike Madonna and other red-carpet stars, Kardashian has chosen not to rally anti-Trump troops at protests or on social media.

Until now.

Kardashian’s tweet immediately garnered thousands of replies and sparked a fierce debate of partisans over the new administration’s immigration policy. She later re-tweeted a statement clearly aimed at Trump – “(bleep) hate, (bleep) discrimination. We need to be one before it’s too late!” the tweet read.

President Trump’s executive order, called an “immigration pause” by supporters and “a Muslim ban” by critics, has provoked outrage and unrest at JFK airport in New York City and other airports. 109 legal visitors from Iraq, Syria and other countries were initially detained in the confusion, though most have now been released.

Trump appears to be more sensitive to celebrity criticism than past U.S. Presidents, calling Madonna “disgusting” in an interview last week. What if the most famous Kardashian – and one of the world’s most popular Clinton fans – ramps up her social media attack on The Donald?

This could be a war of words that will break the internet.


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