Free Melania Trump! Chelsea Handler Continues To Call Out, Mock New First Lady

Melania Trump spent her first night in the White House over the weekend. But now she’s having other brand new experiences – like seeing her facial expressions analyzed by scientists. Not to mention getting her very own viral hashtag.

But nothing beats personal, bona-fide vinegar with an American celebrity.

The noted comic Chelsea Handler has doubled down on her attack on Melania Trump, prodding the First Lady’s fan base on Twitter with yet another provocative tweet on Tuesday night. “Blink if you need help, Melania,” the tweet said.

The latest jab comes after a news cycle focused on Melania’s sudden frown at the Presidential Inauguration last Friday. The First Lady appeared sunny and content but frowned after her husband, President Donald Trump, whispered something to her. Communications and behavioral experts have since investigated photographs of Melania’s frown looking for signs of marital discord, discomfort with Republican politics, or religious devotion.

The viral clip of the First Lady’s furrowed brow has also inspired a hashtag: #FREEMELANIA.

In a recently-released interview with Variety, Handler said she would refuse to give Ms. Trump a slot on her talk show. A social-media firestorm began after the comedienne was quoted, “What would (the First Lady and I) talk about? She can barely speak English.”

In October, the 41 year-old comic tweeted that Melania’s speeches “need an interpreter” and that she was bound to go back “in the crate” soon.

Fans of the First Lady quickly snapped back by pointing out that Ms. Trump is a legal immigrant who speaks 5 languages, and sent tweets to such as, “I thought you were a feminist.”

But Handler isn’t backing down.

The host of the Netflix series Chelsea also defended Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich, who is suspended indefinitely for suggesting in a tweet that Barron Trump, the President’s 10 year-old son, would grow up to be a violent “homeschool shooter.” “It’s interesting that a writer on SNL is held to a higher standard of language than the man we elected @POTUS,” Handler also tweeted on Tuesday.

The President and First Lady appear to be ignoring the attacks, but given Donald Trump’s willingness to engage with celebrities an impending Donald-Chelsea feud does not seem out of the question.


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