Leave Me Alone: Michael’s Daughter Paris Jackson Under Fire From All Sides 

In today’s landscape, it is difficult to navigate any controversy involving the topic of race. But it might be harder if it’s not your only battle.

Paris Jackson, the King Of Pop’s only daughter, has been embroiled in a feud with TV host Wendy Williams after posing for the cover of Rolling Stone. But today, more revelations have surfaced revealing the Jackson family’s grave concern for the 18 year-old’s health – and rumblings that Paris may be breaking a sobriety pledge.

An inside source also claims that a new boyfriend, pop drummer Michael Snoddy, is likely responsible for the teenager’s return to drinking and smoking.

“Paris’ family is certain that she is drinking and smoking pot. They believe that Snoddy is the reason for this,” claims the source in Radar Online. “In fact, Paris has even lost touch with her (sobriety) coach because she believes Snoddy is all the support that she needs!”

Paris Jackson reportedly met Snoddy at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

The in-house impasse could be coming at a bad time. This week, Jackson found herself in the middle of a Twitter firestorm over comments made on The Wendy Williams Show. The host, Williams, criticized Rolling Stone for putting Paris on its cover instead of a more accomplished musician or actress.

Then, she launched into Jackson for calling herself “black” in the tell-all magazine interview. “I get that she considers herself black and everything,” said Williams to a stunned audience. “That’s cute.”

Jackson responded defiantly in a series of tweets, writing that Williams seems obsessed with the Jacksons and has no right to question her racial identity. “She didn’t birth me,” Jackson tweeted.

According to Paris, the choice to consider herself African-American comes from a foremost authority – late father Michael Jackson. “He would point his finger at me and say, you’re black, stay in touch with your roots,” she said in a 2016 interview.


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