New Twist In Kardashian Jewel Theft – Ringleader Arrested

  • French police arrested this week 17 people in connection with the £8.5million robbery in October (Photo: VantageNews)

  • A handcuffed man was seen being led in to a police station in Paris following the raids this week (Photo: VantageNews)

  • One theory is that many of Kim jewels ended up in Antwerp – the diamond capital of Europe (Photo: VantageNews)

  • Just an hour before the robbery, Kim posted a video on Snapchat that showed her wearing the engagement ring (left) (Photo: Snapchat)

  • One of those arrested is the chauffeur with the limo firm used by the Kardashian family in Paris (Photo: VantageNews)

  • Kim returned to social media this month and was on Snapchat for a make-up tutorial in Dubai (Photo: Snapchat)

  • The multimillionaire, posted this image of the £3.5m ring that was stolen on Instagram before the robbery (Photo: Instagram)

  • A source close to the singer said that she merely “tolerates” Kim. (Photo: Instagram, @kimkardashian)

  • Dec. 2007: Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Archive)

  • Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Archive)

  • Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Archive)

  • Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Archive)

  • Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Archive)

  • Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Archive)

  • Kim Kardashian, W Magazine, November 2010. (Photo: Archive)

  • Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Archive)

  • Kim Kardashian has revealed she wants to go to law school. (Photo: Instagram, @kimkardashian)

  • We have actually always known that Kim is not shy about exposing her body to the lens. (Photo: Instagram, @kimkardashian)

  • Kim said she has always loved sheer. (Photo: Instagram, @kimkardashian)

French police arrested this week 17 people in connection with the £8.5million robbery in October (Photo: VantageNews)

You’re never too old to pay the piper.

A series of raids by French police have resulted in the arrest of 17 suspects in the Kim Kardashian jewelry-theft case, including a 72-year old alleged “ringleader” known as Pierre B, French authorities said on Monday.

The arrests also included Kardashian’s 27-year old chauffeur who worked for the family in Paris, where the robbery took place on October 2nd, 2016 during Paris Fashion Week.

The crime, in which robbers held the television personality and model at gunpoint and later duct-taped her wrists and mouth, was France’s largest jewelry theft involving a private citizen in over 20 years. Detectives are working from the theory that the theft was an “inside job” and that the chauffeur played a key role in planning the crime, having inside access to the television personality’s schedule and security gaps.

The suspects entered Kardashian’s apartment building disguised as policemen, and took advantage of the absence of Kardashian’s bodyguard, who was at a bar with her sisters on the evening of the 2nd.

French authorities have said that “Pierre B,” a well-known underworld figure, was taken into custody when officers raided his villa in Plascassier in southern France. Reportedly a DNA sample taken from a recovered necklace matched that found on tape used to restrain Kardashian in her bathtub, enabling officers to trace the identities of 17 suspects they believed were involved in the 10 million dollar heist.

Reportedly, all of the suspects in custody are well-known to French police.

Immediately before the robbery took place, Kardashian’s concierge was accosted and forced to grant the armed gang access to the model’s apartment room. The Algerian man, identified only as Abdulrahman, has been seeking to return to France to confront the attackers and testify in their prosecution, but has been denied a visa.

A pistol, other firearms, and 6 figures in cash were seized during the Paris police raids on Monday. The arrests were made by the Organized Crime Brigade division of French security forces.

This week’s developments have given the victim hope that at least some of the jewels may be recovered, including a wedding ring valued at over $4,000,000, a spokesman for Kardashian said.

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