Sandra Bullock Accused Of Cheating By Ex-Husband Jesse James In Twitter Fight

Ah, the political battles of Twitter. Always a great excuse to poke at a B-list celebrity with too much time on their hands.

But this time, a B-lister has slapped the “A” on a famous former spouse – and not for “A-list.”

Sandra Bullock has been accused of adultery by ex-husband Jesse James, stunt-man and author, during a series of politically-charged tweets with women’s rights activists. James was infamously outed for cheating on the Oscar-winning actress in 2010, when Bullock filed for divorce.

On Sunday, James fired a shot at marchers who protested Donald Trump in Washington D.C. and other cities over the weekend.

“Just imagine if all these women cared as much about the homeless and vets in this country as they do about themselves,” tweeted the 47 year-old star of “Jesse James is a Dead Man” and “Motorcycle Mania.”

When some marchers countered that James had cheated on Bullock during their 5-year marriage, James replied with a coy accusation of infidelity leveled at the Hollywood icon. “Ahhh cheating goes both ways sweetie. Just because you got all teary eyed at some actress. Doesn’t mean she won’t cheat on her husband,” he wrote.

James was more contrite back in 2010, stating that he alone was responsible for the couple’s divorce.

Bullock and James had won custody of then-46 year-old Bullock’s daughter and were in the process of adopting a son when several women claimed to have had affairs with the reality-show performer during the marriage. The scandal surfaced just as the actress received an Academy Award for her starring role in The Blind Side.

James has grown spiteful and less conciliatory toward Bullock in recent interviews, however, accusing the Minions star of “faking” her appreciation in awards speeches.


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