Tom Brady Rejects Wife Giselle Bundchen’s Pleas To Retire, Pursue Modeling Career

Super Bowl LI was an instant classic, and the New England Patriots’ part-gutsy, part-lucky, part-brilliant comeback will go down in American sporting lore.

But the star of the show was New England quarterback and TV commercial actor Tom Brady. And according to the latest hearsay, the only way Brady is having it all his way is on the football field.

A breaking story in Radar Online quotes an unnamed source that Tom’s supermodel spouse Giselle Bundchen is pleading with the decorated athlete to retire and pursue other opportunities. “Giselle is begging him to retire and go out on top,” reveals a family friend. “They have more money than they can ever spend and she is worried about him.”

The report continues that Giselle wants Tom to follow a “David Beckham model” after his playing career is over, with product endorsements, TV ads, and modeling for top-end fashion zines.

But the legendary field general just wants to play ball. “He thinks he has another 5 years in him. He thinks he can win again!”

“If she makes him retire, that will be the end of the marriage,” claims a separate friend quoted as a source. “If he can’t have football he will go insane.” The marriage has not enjoyed a stress-free domestic life, with tensions flaring after the quarterback was nabbed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for cheating.

Just after winning last night’s Super Bowl, Tom embraced Giselle in celebration. He then broke down in tears while hugging his mother, who is gravely ill from cancer.

Brady has already starred in commercials for high-budget agencies, endorsing Foot Locker and Beautyrest among other products.


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