Wild Weeknd? Selena Battles Rumors of Pregnancy, Justin Bieber Reunion

Singer and actress Selena Gomez is likely more interested in who wins at the Grammy Awards than who wins the Super Bowl on Sunday. But new insider reports on her personal life could feel more like a rough tackle-for-loss than an award-winning melody.

According to rumors published in Hollywood Life and The Inquisitr, Gomez and new boyfriend The Weeknd may have gotten some unexpected news in the last week – and it could involve the pitter-patter of little feet.

“She’s (dropped) several hints that she’s expecting, complaining to those close to her that she’s too tired to stay out and that she feels nauseous,” a source told the U.K. paparazzi website. “When she’s not nauseous, though, she’s having weird cravings, and she can’t stop eating ice cream.”

The source goes on to claim that Selena is excited for motherhood, and believes that any hint of scandal will go away quickly if she and her new beau quickly tie the knot. “She thinks if they just bite the bullet and get married, all of their problems will disappear.”

But that’s not the only whisper. Gomez is also thought to be keeping Justin Bieber on the back-burner, according to The Inquistir.

Sources say that Bieber contacted Gomez while she was attending rehab for anxiety, depression and panic attacks. The rumor is that Selena would be up for a reconciliation and a fresh start to the pair’s long-time relationship, but only if Justin proposes marriage.

For her part, Gomez has quickly denied both sets of rumors and is focusing on showbiz party plans. The 24 year-old pop artist will attend the Grammy Awards on February 12th with The Weeknd, who is slated to perform at the event.


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