First Time For Everything – Justin Bieber Just Kissed A Brazilian Girl And She Wasn’t Really Into It

Everyone knows what it’s like to kiss someone and not have it go as well as planned. But given his popularity with…well, most of the women in the world, Justin Bieber has probably suffered the experience less than most of us.

Until now.

The internet may need backup-power today as several Justin Bieber stories are going viral. Beebs arrived in Rio without being taken in by vengeful government officials (thank goodness), performed at a massive concert on Wednesday night, and has enjoyed warm social engagement with locals. But what has set the net ablaze are photos and paparazzi footage of Justin attempting to make out with Brazilian fan/party pal/possible romantic interest Luciana Chamone.

In the viral shots, Bieber appears to attempt a lip-lock with Luciana in the back of an automobile. She deftly avoids contact after a few moments, and eventually looks either bored or annoyed. The popular socialite did remain with Justin for an all-night party, so perhaps it was only the prying attention that turned her off to the smooches.

But the tabloids have already gone crazy, labeling Luciana “Justin’s Brazilian Mystery Girl” and publishing fact-sheets about her life.

Some users on Instagram are cheering for a possible new love relationship, but not everyone is approving. One user wrote to Luciana in response to her comments calling Justin “little” and “adorable,” saying “(Bieber) is 23 years old…pathetic!” But others are pointing out that any woman who dates Justin Bieber is in for a rough time from trolls.

Meanwhile despite the rumors and innuendo, Justin is as-usual being pampered by fans on social media as he makes his way to San Paulo this weekend. “We love you because your heart is good and your music is beautiful!” wrote a user from Brazil this morning.



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