James Lock and Danielle Armstrong’s Relationship Drama is Going Viral

Celebrity spats occur often over social media, but breakup drama is more likely to appear as second-hand gossip. Wise TV and film veterans prefer not to air their dirty love-life laundry on the internet. When they do, any held grudges are usually hidden in 140 characters of cheerful, no-hard-feelings patter.

Welcome to the new generation.

“The Only Way is Essex” hottie James Lock and ex-girlfriend/former co-star Danielle Armstrong are developing a feud on Instagram and Twitter, with Lock’s current squeeze (and current TOWIE star) Yazmin “Yaz” Oukhellou logging on to fight with Armstrong after enduring on-air attacks from Danielle’s pals Georgia and Amber.

“Like the love…when you kept stroking my boyfriend’s back,” tweeted Oukhellou after reading Danielle’s praise of Georgia’s criticism. The reference is to a recent date at which Oukhellou felt Armstrong was “making a move” on Lock.

Danielle, who is currently dating Daniel Spiller, responded by blocking Yaz.

With the Twitter world scrambling to take sides, James moved the conversation to Instagram yesterday by posting the meme “Silence says a lot more than you think,” and tagging his current girlfriend in it. Fan reaction is heated with groups of bickering enthusiasts choosing to support Yaz and James, or Danielle and Georgia.

But the real question is how to interpret the Instagram post. Is James hinting at Yaz to pipe down and keep it classy, or needling Danielle by only offering her his silence?


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