Just Friends – Jennifer Aniston Fights Off Angelina Jolie’s Jealous Rage As “Cheating” Rumors Swirl

Jennifer Aniston has seen calmer weeks.

The 48 year-old star of Friends, Office Space and countless other franchises is warding off love-triangle rumors involving her husband Justin Theroux and a hot female co-star, while at the same time engaging in a proxy fight with Angelina Jolie over the latter’s six children with Brad Pitt.

Pitt was formerly married to Aniston before his marriage and split with Jolie.

A hot-button video report published by Radar Online earlier this week revealed a source that claimed Theroux may be secretly seeing former “Leftovers” co-star Emily Meade outside of marriage.

With the tag line “Is Jennifer Aniston jealous of her husband’s co-star hottie?” the report claimed that the actress was “left reeling” by the knowledge that Theroux had been talking to Meade in private.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Celebrity Insider reported that Angelina had made another bizarre legal request in what has been a vicious separation with Pitt. “As Angie and Brad’s talks continue, she’s demanding that Brad agrees to never have their children around (Jennifer),” says the insider source. “(Angelina) was freaking out after learning that Brad and Jennifer had been exchanging sweet messages over various phone calls and text messages.”

Sweet messages and phone calls? The media have been quick to infer a possible “love quadrangle” between Aniston, Pitt, Meade and Theroux. But Jennifer isn’t having any of that. Today, an obviously from-the-top-down debunking appeared in Gossip Cop, stating that Jennifer believes her husband’s friendship with Meade is on the up and up.

Meanwhile, Pitt hilariously called Jolie’s demands “crazy” and plans to maintain a familial friendship with Aniston.


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