Could Justin Bieber’s Wild Past In Brazil Be About To Haunt Him?

Justin Bieber will have many splendid gifts awaiting him when his South American tour reaches Brazil tomorrow. An exuberant welcome from fans, a primed concert stage in Rio, and the usual army of glamorous hangers-on.

But the 23 year-old singer and pop icon will have a few less-appealing things waiting for him too. Like angry authorities, a vengeful hotel owner, and racy gossip that won’t go away.

Brazilian officials are holding a grudge based on youthful blunders and indiscretions made by Beiber in 2013, on a previous trip to Rio de Janeiro. Still a rowdy teenager, Justin was witnessed spray-painting the side of the prestigious Hotel Nacional but managed to escape by plane before being confronted by hotel officials or cops.

During the same trip, the sleeping musician was viral-video leaked by local bodybuilder and model Tatiana Neves Barbosa during their brief fling together. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, Bieber was spotted sneaking out of a gentleman’s club a few days before leaving town.

A Brazilian judge has issued a writ of summons to be given at the airport this Wednesday, so that Justin “is made aware” that the government still has a bone to pick. However, reports seem to hint at lenient treatment for Beebs…if he behaves himself this time. A well-known international attorney told Daily Mail that while he doubts Justin will face the fuzz or suffer cancelled shows, “Bieber will have to tread very carefully this time in Brazil.”


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