Aaron and Olivia’s Breakup is the Best or the Worst Thing Ever on Instagram (Just Ask Their Puppies)

Many celebs choose to keep their relationships off Instagram for the most part. But then there are those couples who go all-in with the popular social media site…such as Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn, who officially split this week.

The pair had been keeping Instagram accounts for their 2 small dogs, Chance “Rodgers” and Frankie “Rodgers.” Having pets that belong to both partners and are given the last name Rodgers is telling of how close the famous quarterback and starlet have been. Until now.

Users are waiting to hear from either party about the breakup, and spending time debating among themselves whether the news is good or bad. An Olivia fan wrote to her that she is sorry to hear about the separation and extends best wishes, while another writes, “I never liked that guy anyway.”

Rodgers and Munn have not acknowledged the breakup on social media, except to imply that they are moving on with their own interests, Rodgers tweeting about International Space Flight Day (and burritos) and Olivia posting a photo of herself in full LARPing gear.

Maybe that’s a hint of why the lovers eventually found each other incompatible. NFL players are not really interested in live action role-play as a hobby. They are too busy running around getting hit for real.

And what about the puppies? The canines’ Instagram accounts (and last names) are being left alone for now. But a user took to his phone to warn Chance, the former couple’s spaniel. “You might be in for a rough weekend,” the user cautioned.


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